I'm An Importer, What Are My Next Steps?

Step 1

Register on the CARM Client Portal.

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to register.

CLICK HERE for additional information on the initial CARM registration process.

Step 2

Delegate Authority to B. Zee Brokerage, your customs broker, for visibility and future Commercial and Accounting Declaration submission.

Ensure you grant B. Zee Brokerage 'Business Account Manager' (BAM) access, in order for us to continue to work with CBSA on your behalf, as we do today.

CLICK HERE for Delegation of Authority information.

Step 3

Obtain Security Bond.

Importers will require their own security bond as part of the Release 2 phase of CARM (May 2022). The security bond is needed to cover the duties, taxes, and fees owing on goods imported into Canada. Currently, most importers are covered under their customs broker's bond, however, the model will be changing in Release 2 to importers requiring their own bonds.

B. Zee Brokerage will arrange the bond for you. To do so, please contact us at CARM@bzeebrokerage.com.

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