What is the purpose of the CARM Client Portal? 

The CARM Client Portal provides trade chain partners the ability to view information about their accounts, make payments, and view the history of declarations. It is intended to replace paper and manual processes and to provide more transparency to trade chain partners. 

Will it be mandatory to create an account in the CARM Client Portal? 

All clients that conduct commercial business with the CBSA (including importers) will be required to create an account in the CARM Client Portal.


When will l be able to create an account and register my business in the CARM Client Portal?

The CARM Client Portal is open now and we strongly encourage all clients to register on the portal now.

Who should be assigned as the Business Account Manager (BAM) for my business? 

Business Account Managers should be an active operational user, and not necessarily the owner of the company. Furthermore, it is strongly encouraged to assign multiple Business Account Managers.


Can I have more than one Business Account Manager (BAM) for my business?

Yes, you can have as many BAMs as you would like. In fact we suggest having at least 2 so that if one were to leave your company or be away on vacation etc, the other (or multiple others) will be able to continue to monitor your account with full access and visibility privileges. 


Can I control the type of access and/or visibility that a user has to my CARM Client Portal business account? 

You will be able to manage access to your portal account by assigning specific roles to specific users, with the additional ability to set visibility rules.


By what date will I need to attain my financial security (customs bond)?

The 'Release 2' phase of the CARM initiative is when importers will need to have their own financial security bond (customs bond) in place. Release 2 is tentatively scheduled for late Spring / Summer 2022, however a firm date has yet to be finalized and this may end up getting extended. B. Zee Brokerage will continue to stay up to date on all new developments related to CARM and will assist in attaining a customs bond for all of our importer clients.

Will B. Zee Brokerage attain a Financial Security Bond for me?

Yes, we will attain the bond for you. Please contact us by emailing us at when you are ready and we will begin that process for you.

How will CBSA's billing cycles work under Release 2?

CLICK HERE for documentation that demonstrates the applicable billing cycles during Release 2.



Will there be a minimum Financial Security Bond amount?

Yes, it is $25,000. Please CLICK HERE for more information regarding Financial Security in Release 2.

Under CARM, is it an option to provide no financial security if an importer has no history of non-compliance? 

All Importers will be required to provide security as a requirement for participation in the Release Prior to Payment program as of CARM’s Release 2.


Can a security bond cover multiple divisions within the same company? 

Each legal entity will require a bond. If a company has multiple program (RM) accounts, the company can obtain a bond at the entity level (BN9) to cover all RM accounts. If a company has subsidiaries (each with a unique BN), multiple bonds will be required.

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